It is possible to have sessions in English with me, focused on areas like:

  • support in moments of crisis and impacting life events
  • remodeling unhelpful patterns from upbringing or life situations
  • implementing lifestyle changes regarding weight, smoking, alcohol, eating habits and more
  • constructively handling feelings of anxiety and depression
  • burnout prevention
  • diversity in sexuality, gender, lifestyle

My approach is oriented towards resources, solutions, short time intervention, typically with:

a) Interactive trance work and modern hypnotherapy / hypnosystemic style (the unconscious and the conscious/cognitive working together for optimal results).

b) Classic hypnosis (you lay back, I do the talking) for e.g. relaxation, easing the way into new patterns, „overwriting“ of singular problematic events based on what we discussed beforehand, intensifying results from the interactive trance work.

c) Tapping techniques for (self)reducing arousal and for therapeutic application (PEP by Michael Bohne)

Questions we may consider in interactive sessions:

  • How is it now, how does it feel, what is your current experience? („aktuelles Erleben“)
  • How is your desired experience, how would that feel? („gewünschtes Erleben“)
  • Are there moments in which you already feel your desired experience?

A problem is a valuable sign of an unfulfilled desired feeling/experience.

Ein Problem ist ein wertzuschätzender Hinweis auf ein unerfülltes erwünschtes Erleben.

Gunther Schmidt

A first consultation on the phone or via Internet for 20 minutes is free. Therapeutic sessions are done in person in the practice in Bremen. The costs are 85 EUR by each new hour (VAT-free); therapy sessions usually take two hours.

Please note: you need to carry all costs. (German Krankenkassen will usually not cover any costs.)

Consultations may also take place in other cities (Hamburg, Frankfurt). They are 98 EUR by each new hour, including VAT.

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Nominally, therapy is defined by the client having a diagnosable psychiatric illness and needing longer therapy. In consultation, it is assumed that the client needs some temporary guidance and feedback on situations that can be resolved quickly. In practice, the borders between consultation/counseling and therapy are fluid.

LGBTQIA* friendly practice